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Natalie Samson

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Natalie Samson

Natalie Samson - Food technician

Name: Natalie Samson

Job Role: Food technician

School: Wilmington Grammar School, Kent

Bio: Food technician with background in office work

I am a food technician at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys. I really enjoy it. I found the job advertised on the internet as I was working in an office before. Having four children I really wanted to get into school and this is the perfect job for me as I love to cook.

A typical day starts at 8am and includes setting up for the lesson including demo equipment, special equipment students may need and ingredients. I make sure the space is clean and tidy. I help students during the cooking lesson and clean down after them. I order food, look after the budget for the food room and manage the washing of aprons and tea towels.

I would say the skills needed are being organised, good time management, being helpful and enjoying cleaning! I have a level 2 food hygiene certificate and 6 GCSEs A-C grade.

I enjoy working in the food room and helping the students learn a life skill they will need in the future. I feel it is really rewarding seeing the students produce some amazing work, especially in the catering GCSE. I do find it can be challenging especially in an all boys school, especially keeping the concentration levels under control.